Mnangagwa Should have Stayed Home to Deal with Crises; Cyclone Idai and Doctors..

March 17, 2019
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Zimbabwe’s main opposition party the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has castigated President Mnangagwa’s globetrotting at a time of crises. This is not the first time Mnangagwa has left Zimbabwe at a time of critical crisis.

In a strong worded statement issued by their National Spokesperson, Jacob Mafume the party called the decision by President Mnangagwa to fly out of the country ‘irresponsible.’

“Doctors are struggling to assist patients with absolutely no support from government, a cyclone is wrecking havoc in the Eastern parts of the country, old problems such as fuel shortages persist yet Mnangagwa flies out once more.”

“The MDC condemns this kind of behavior. For someone to enjoy luxury trips on tax payer’s funds shows no respect or care for the citizen.” Said Mafume in the statement.

The Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is presently in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on a 3-day working visit at the invitation of the Emir.

Mnangagwa was met at the Abu Dhabi International Airport by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi,
Sheik Mohammed bin Zaed bin Sultan Al Nahyam and Zimbabwe’s advance team led by Minister Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Dr Sibusiso Moyo.

Speaking to journalists, the Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs minister said;
“President Mnangagwa is here at the invitation of his counterpart, the Crown Prince and it is an invitation creating a symbiotic relationship and strategic partnership between the Emirates and Zimbabwe. Different issues are going to be discussed both on the political, diplomacy and the various economic areas which benefit both countries. So it would be absolutely two days of hectic discussions, whose decisions will be implemented immediately,” Minister Moyo said.

According to the Minister, President Mnangagwa will also visit Dubai.
“As you might be aware, here in Abu Dhabi is where the Crown Prince is, but the Prime Minister is in Dubai and therefore President Mnangagwa will be travelling to meet the Prime Minister,” he said.
Zimbabwe’s Foreign Affairs minister also confirmed that the Zimbabwean government will be opening an embassy in Abu Dhabi, describing the decision as strategic in the face of western sanctions imposed on the country.
The visit is part of the reengagement and engagement drive and is set to deepen ties between the two nations.

Meanwhile, the opposition MDC has not held back on castigating and questioning the government and president for choosing to fly out at a time of national disaster.

“What kind of person deserts those he purports to lead?

What kind of person leaves behind dying children, sinking homes , washed away bridges and goes on a dish sampling mission in the Middle East.

At the bare minimum the cyclone should have been declared a National disaster. This allows the unlocking of more resources to assist those in need. The reluctant approach adopted by government is reflection of negligence.”
Said part of their statement.