Welshman Ncube’s daughter arrested for public indecency

March 13, 2019
| Report Focus News

Gugu Ncube the daughter of Welshman Ncube the deputy President of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party MDC has been arrested for public indecency in Pretoria.

Gugu Ncube marched to Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday morning where she staged a one-person protest against sexual abuse and arbitrary arrest.

Clad in just her bikinis the daughter of Welshman Ncube, carried a banner addressed to President Ramaphosa in which she wrote names of people that she alleged raped her.

Welshman Ncubes daughter arrested for public indecency | Report Focus News
Welshman Ncubes daughter arrested for public indecency

Speaking to Report Focus News Gugu said, “All l want is for President Ramaphosa to take note of the abuse I am suffering at the hands of UNISA and The South African Police. I want the UNISA management to show the country, Thuma Foundation, Commission For Gender Equality and other interested parties, my resignation letter they claim I tendered. This is my Demand.”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is currently on a state visit to Zimbabwe where he is engaging with President Mnangagwa on how to improve ties between Zimbabwe and South Africa.