Joanna Mamombe granted $3000 bail

March 9, 2019
MDC Member of Parliament Joanah Mamombe Arrested | Report Focus News
MDC Member of Parliament Joanah Mamombe Arrested

Joanna Mamombe the Harare West legislator was granted $3 000 by High Court Judge Justice Davison Foroma on Friday.

Mamombe was arrested by the Zimbabwe Republic police while attending a workshop in Nyanga. Mamombe had been on the police wanted list since 25 January 2019 following the January 2019 violent protests.

Allegations are that Mamombe addressed a press conference at Civic Centre in Malborough, Harare 14 January where she called on citizens to engage in acts of civil disobedience with the intention to remove a sitting government through unconstitutional means.

Mamombe, is facing treasons charges, the same charged faced by several other opposition and civil rights leaders in Zimbabwe like Pastor Evan Mawarire.

A few days ago an MDC legislator Thabitha Khumalo who is visiting Britain spoke about the Movement for Democratic Change’s (MDC’s) youngest MP Joana Mamombe who was charged with treason for allegedly subverting the government.

Speaking at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) Women’s Conference in London, Ms highlighted the scale of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, saying thousands of civilians are being beaten and raped with police targeting trade union leaders and protesters.

Calling for help in releasing the youngest MP in the current Zimbabwean parliament 25-year-old Ms Mamombe and the 1,000 activists currently in jail, Ms Khumalo said: “What is scaring the hell out of me now is that chances of jail are so high. “Once imprisoned, there is the risk of solitary confinement. There’s no light in solitary confinement so anyone can come in and rape you and you cannot identify them.”

Union leaders in Zimbabwe face charges for striking in a peaceful three-day stay away action in January against rising fuel prices.

Ms Khumalo said the government “unleashed an animal” when it realised the strike was proving successful and raided houses, raped women and shot dead 20 civilians.