Zimbabwe Bread price goes up again

March 7, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare- For the third time in two months the retail price for bread has increased in Zimbabwe.

Consumers will have to part with $2.70 for a loaf which they had been buying for $1.80

The increase has been attributed to foreign currency shortages as grain millers have been importing wheat from South America. National Foods the country’s largest flour producer once announced that they were halting operations owing to foreign currency crisis.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe intervened by availing and pledging to support the sector.

Price increases have not only affected bread but they have cascaded to almost every item owing to the foreign currency shortages.

In November, government reversed another increase by the bakers, who had pegged a loaf of bread at $2, 20.

Bakers require at least $7 million per month to import raw materials and spare parts.