Meet the man behind the keep Bulawayo Clean Campaign

March 5, 2019
| Report Focus News

Tonderai Shoko is what some may regard as an urban legend. Indeed his bid to have the city of Bulawayo listed amongst the worlds cleanest cities is gaining momentum.

Tonderai Shoko started an-anti litter campaign, in the city of Bulawayo and his campaign has grown into a city wide project and is attracting interest from the corporate and business world. Companies are adopting streets in the city of Bulawayo and complimenting efforts from the city council to clean up the patch/streets that they have adopted.

Speaking to Report Focus Tonderai Shoko said “the response from the corporate companies and the business world is very encouraging and it is my hope that the goal to revive the city of Bulawayo to its clean and lustrous reputation as one of the cleanest cities in the world becomes not only my goal but something all Bulawayo residents take up as their goal too. Together as residents of this great city we can achieve much more.” He said.

The campaign which Tonderai Shoko says he started with two of his brothers has since grown it now involves a number of, companies, celebrities, business people, church leaders and the Bulawayo City Council has endorsed it as one of the best strategies for waste management in the city.

At the beginning of March First Lady Auxillia C. Mnangagwa, became one of the high raking officials to have joined a clean up activity in Bulawayo, cleaning up the area around Bulawayo Centre and Pick’N’Pay Hyper.
Tonderai Shoko, appealed to all and sundry to offer support to the efforts to keep Bulawayo Clean. “We call on more companies to adopt streets for clean up and maintenance as part of social responsibilities and ask for materials such as latex gloves, bin liners, brooms and other such cleaning equipment to help in this campaign.” Tonderai Shoko said he is encouraged by the support he has received to date. “I am hopeful that the campaign would encourage a culture of responsibility among the city’s residents.” He said.

To help or become part of the Keep Bulawayo Clean Campaign contact Tonderai Shoko on
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