Latest : Election officials ‘raped’ during last week presidential election

March 1, 2019
Our officials were sexually assaulted during last election INEC laments | Report Focus News
Our officials were sexually assaulted during last election, INEC laments

Nigeria’s electoral commission (Inec) has said that its officials were subjected to “threats, harassment, intimidation, assault, abduction and even rape” during last week’s presidential election.

The commission said it “decried the high level of violence in a few places” but did not provide any further details in its statement about the conduct of the polls.

Inec did say things were “generally peaceful”, but said it was concerned about the violence which led to some fatalities and in some cases stopped the vote taking place.

It was also critical of the behaviour of some security personnel saying: “The conduct of certain members of the security agencies in some sites is a matter of serious concern to the commission.”