BREAKING : Journalists forced to walk out of army press briefing

August 5, 2018
| Report Focus News

A large number of local and international journalists walked out of a press briefing which was meant to be addressed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe National Army at Morris Depot, Harare Sunday afternoon.

The army and police press briefing was called for 12.30pm but by 2pm, the journalists were still waiting with no word from the authorities on the meeting.

“We all then decided to all walk out except the ZBC journalists,” said one journalist who had gone for the event.

“We could not wait for 2 hours without anyone having the courtesy even to tell us what was going on and felt this was abuse which we could not allow to continue. We have other things to do.”

The international Journalists and local journalists were also in the dark on what the subject of the press conference was going to be although there have been continued reports of army brutalities on civilians in the wake of wild protests which rocked Harare’s CBD last Wednesday.