BREAKING : Disgruntled voter blames ZEC over double registration

July 30, 2018
| Report Focus News

A disgruntled voter has taken her disappointment to twitter over an error made by ZEC of double registering her hence she has been turned away from voting.

The voter who goes by the name Fungai Machirori is bitter over this as she tweeted,”So I apparently appear on the voters’ roll twice and cannot vote. I have been movessto some blacklist for being denied.Livid is not even the word. Imma start a thread,” she wrote.

The voter complained that the previous election ZEC did an error as well

“last year this wack ass ZEC official gets EVERYTHING wrong with my registration. My constituency, my ward,”reads the tweet.

The disgruntled voter was even thinking of going home at the end of the thread as she said the ZEC officials were failing to reactify the problem.

” I told the ZEC dude to call his boss who claimshe is now calling his boss for more info. So yeah, it looks like I might jist fossilize here. Orjust go home and remind myself to trust my gut always. Because I ALWAYS had reservations about all of this,”

Regardless the attempts made by ZEC to have a clean voters roll.citizens are still facing challenges  like these.