United States to improve water security for river basin communities

July 26, 2018
| Report Focus News

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) yesterday announced Resilient Waters,a five-year, $32.4 million project to address severe water challenges facing the Limpopo River Basin and Okavango River Basin communities.

In a statement issued,Resilient Waters will increase access to safe drinking water and sanitation services for nearly 21 million people spanning South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, and Namibia.

This project will also improve management of transboundary natural resources and strengthen ecological infrastructure needed to maintain healthy water systems.

USAID Zimbabwe Mission Director Stephanie Funk stated: “By conserving one of Zimbabwe’s most important natural resources, USAID’s Resilient Watersproject will protect health and livelihoods and make communities more resilient in the face of climate change,” He said

”In Zimbabwe, the Limpopo River and its tributaries carry water to more than 800,000 people who depend on its consistent supply for their health and livelihoods,” he added.

USAID, have contributed over $3 billion in assistance to Zimbabwe.  Current projects include initiatives to increase food security, support economic resilience, improve health systems and services, and promote democratic governance.