How Former First Lady Grace lost the election for Nelson Chamisa

July 25, 2018
| Report Focus News

So we are almost there! The great harmonised elections are just around the corner. ED is winning in every poll. He is going to win. And quite frankly, this time he deserves it.

I have spent my life supporting the MDC. I grew up with Morgan Tsvangirai’s pictures in our house. He was our saviour and he was the hero of the day.

However, since his passing, it has become clear to me that none of us should be voting for the MDC. It has been taken over by Grace Mugabe.

I have been hearing the cries of “fake news fake news” for the last few weeks from Chamisa’s nearest and dearest. But even in their blind following, no one has denied the relationship with the NPF and Grace Mugabe. Indeed they have not denied it, because it is undeniable. All sides have come out openly and declared that there is an alliance between the NPF and the MDC. All sides have declared unashamedly that the NPF is the home of Grace Mugabe.

Perhaps even worse than this, the blind followers of the MDC have forgotten to ask the big question of who will be Nelson Chamisa’s VP. Well anyone who follows the news closely would actually know that the NPF have already told us. It will either be Grace Mugabe, or one of her puppets.

Let me be clear, I have no problem with the raw ambition of young Nelson Chamisa. But I do have a problem with him selling the soul of my party, and my country, to Grace and Robert Mugabe. “But what about the money?”, I hear you cry! “How can he run the campaign without money?” “He needed the Mugabes to beat Zanu”. Well in the words of Donald J Trump, “WRONG!”.

All over the world today, young inspiring leaders are beating well funded establishment candidates. We saw this in New York a few months ago. We’ve seen this in races all around Africa and as far away as South America. But for this to happen, you need a young inspiring candidate, not a political sell-out willing to sell his soul, and my party, to the highest bidder.

And in this case the highest bidder was the evil wife of a former dictator who led our country to absolute ruin!

This deal is the combination of malice and vengeance, an evil combination. I am not alone in this feeling. Traditional MDC supporters have left the party in their droves. Even the white business community has deserted them.

And so here we are. July 30th is upon us. Chamisa could have been our Barack Obama. Instead he has chosen to be a little Mugabe. Just another puppet of Grace. So when ED wins on Monday, let it be known, Grace Mugabe lost the election for Nelson Chamisa.