July 21, 2018
| Report Focus News

A Political analyst Dr Pedzisayi Ruhanya has labelled the relationship between the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the ruling party ZANU-PF as a conflated relationship

In a tweet on his twitter handle yesterday,Ruhanya stated that it was a lie to say ZEC is indepent of ZANU-PF.This comes after ZEC has refuted to address the petitions handed over to them by opposition political parties

Tweeting on his twitter account Ruhanya wrote,”Justice Chigumba, ZEC, ZANU PF must fully and publicly disclose their conflated relationships. To lie that they are independentof each other in a PARTY/STATE is arrogance of the highest order!” He wrote.

Ruhanya’s sentiments contradicted to what President Mnangagwa said yesterday at a ZANU -PF rally in Mutare.Mnangagwa stated that no political party had the mandate to control ZEC

“No political party should tell ZEC what to do,ZEC chairperson was not chosen by ZANU-PF but she was chosen by a Parliamentary committee which was co- chaired by Chamisa,” said Munangagwa.

Ruhanya displayed skepticism towards these sentiments as revealed by his tweet.

“When you hear ED/ZANU PF say ZEC is ‘independent’ then get it without any ambiguity that Justice Chigumba and ZEC are totally captured. So far, evidence show that ZANU PF/ED =ZEC!” He wrote.