July 20, 2018
| Report Focus News

The prominent Ndinonyara hit maker Nox has paid tribute to the late legend John Chibadura through doing a cover song of the late tittled Rudo runokosha.

Speaking on a telephone interview for a power fm show hosted by Dj Chamvary today,Nox said he is a fan of the late Chibadura.

Nox said he was influenced by his mother who is also a fan of the late Chibadura hence he was prompted to do the cover Song.

“My mom introduced me to Chibadura’s music and i liked it and I am also his fan,”The singer said.

He said the song was not a commercial song but just a cover and that is why he kept the original melody of the song.

The song has since proved its worth in the ears of the listeners as it received positive compliments on the show.

John Chibadura is a music icon who made a big wave in the music industry during the 80s.He was affectionately known as Mr Chitungwiza.

In his interview the singer mentioned that he was set to begin his tours this year to South Africa as well as England.