BREAKING : ZESN voters roll audit identifies anormalies

July 20, 2018
| Report Focus News

The Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network  (ZESN) yesterday issued a statement on the 2018 voters roll audit.

All 5,683,936 (100%) regiatrants  have all the six pieces of identifying information and all the seven pieces of information specifying the registrants polling stations reads the statement

There are 2 registrants with incorrect identification.They have national identifications that have too long characters,15 rather than 14 characters.

The audit also pointed out that one registrant would not have turned 18 by july 30 and 3 registrants were born in the 1800s.The statement specified that 944 registrants are 100 years old or older

According to the audit 81 registrants (less than 0,01%)have duplicate national identification numbers. About 4,693 (0,8%) registrants have duplicate identification information.Registrants have the same surname,fornames,gender and date of birth as another registrant.

3,213,780 registrants matched the 2013 preliminary voters roll and 2018 voters roll.29,456 (0,9%) had different genders on the two voters rolls

263,998 (5%) of registrants have registered with the same address but are assigned to different wards.All regestrants with the same address should be assigned to the same ward reads part of the statement.

The audit revealed that -205,164 (-4%) registrants are on the 2018 voters roll than the 2013 preliminary voters roll.