“Emmerson Mnangagwa a War monger and Gukurahundist”- Jonathan Moyo

July 19, 2018
| Report Focus News

Former minister of higher and Tertiary education Professor Jonathan Moyo is not taking it lightly when it comes to decampaigning President Mnangagwa ahead of the 30 july polls.

Writing on one of his social media accounts yesterday,Moyo said Mnangagwa was never an icon and will never be one.He went on to write that
Mnangagwa was a war monger and a Gukurahundist.

Replying to one of his followers on his twitter handle the G40 cabal member wrote,”Since the letters of Mnangagwa are common and can mean anything or anyone ,I hope you don’t mean Emmerson Damnudzo Mnangagwa.If you do,forget it,Mnangagwa has never been an Icon and he will never be one.He’s a self- proclaimed war monger and a Gukurahundist who worships the god of war,”Moyo tweeted.

Since the ouster of former President Robert Mugabe,Moyo has never stopped discrediting Mnangagwa saying his governance was as a result of a coup hence illegitimate.