President Zuma says he will support the people of Zimbabwe

November 18, 2017
| Report Focus News

South African President Jacob Zuma said on Saturday the African region was committed to supporting “the people of Zimbabwe” after a military takeover and that he was cautiously optimistic that the situation there could be resolved amicably.

There had been worries in Zimbabwe that the South African leader was trying to protect Robert Mugabe and keep him in power.

This came after statements made by the African Union, SADC, and South Africa’s President, which Zimbabweans interpreted as being intrusive.

Zuma sent a high profile delegation including his Minister of Defense to the country’s capital to negotiate with the military.

SADC held an emergency troika meeting, which could for another meeting to resolve the issue.

Zuma made the comments in the South African city of Durban as thousands of Zimbabweans celebrated the expected downfall of President Robert Mugabe in the streets of Harare.

Thousands marched denouncing Mugabe, and his wife, while they told SADC and the AU to back off.

The march was called in solidarity with the country’s military.