SADC and AU are once again coming to Rescure Mugabe ?

November 17, 2017
| Report Focus News

Fellow Zimbabweans, My biggest fear is that SADC and AU are once again coming to the rescue of their brother in crime, RG Mugabe, just like they did 10 years ago (in 2008) with the transitional government. At this juncture, I think it’s time to stand in solidarity with the momentum created by General Chiwengwa and his army. I know it’s hard to trust the army in view of its prior contribution to Mugabe’s cling to power, but the step they have taken is important for Zimbabwe’s new era. I quote Julius Malema of the EFF in South Africa when he said, “in politics, you do not have a permanent friend or a permanent enemy”; General Chiwengwa could be an enemy turned to friend.

SADC and AU will no doubt say there will be no change in the unforeseeable future. It’s time to tell them that their previous plan didn’t work and that we now need a home-grown initiative that brings every Zimbabwean to the Promised Land. Every time SADC and AU gather to discuss Zimbabwe, they are busy selling and auctioning us; we are now scattered all over the world and thanks to SADC and the AU. When they talk about “African Solidarity”, they mean “African Presidential Solidarity”… They don’t think about us… they don’t even mention us… the ordinary African persons… we are not part of their discussions. If they did, how come Zimbabwe is where it is now? How come politicians have more cash in their houses than the banks have? How come the Mugabe inner circle gets richer and richer when the ordinary Zimbabwean person becomes poorer with each day?

How come Somalia is where they are now? How come Sudan still remains a wilderness? How come the DRC is still a blood bath? How come Libya has gone from riches to rags under the watch of the AU? How come they didn’t react to the fiasco that led to the capture and cold-blooded murder of Colonel Muammar Gadhaffi? To the rest of the African persons, if they haven’t sold you by now, you could be in their plans for the next auction. You can say you are not African because of your colour or creed, but as long as you are plugged into the African soil, you smell African; if you smell African, you are African…

If there was a time we have ever been challenged to stand for our nationhood, there has never been a time better than now. The time is ripe to stand for the emancipation of the Zimbabwean person and the window period is extremely narrow; it cannot be missed.

The days of SADC and AU determination should come to an end. The truth of the matter is, if we stand, we might die, or maybe we will win; if we sit, we will surely die; SADC and AU will extent Mugabe’s tyranny for another 5 years after which there will be nothing to win… Why not die standing; die trying something for once in our lives? There is absolutely nothing to lose…
Today I leave you with a quote from the book “The Trial of Dedan Kimathi” by Chinua Achebe… “…the things I talk about are written all over; written like large signs everywhere. The day you will understand why your father died; the day you will ask yourself whether it was right for him to die so; the day you will ask yourself, ‘what can I do so that another shall not be made to die under such grisly circumstances’, that day my son, you will become a man (or woman). Right now you are a brute (as in showing lack of human sensibility) and the girl was right to call you a toddler…”

Zimbabwe yazosvika
i Zimbabwe seibuyile
God bless Zimbabwe
God bless Africa