Zimbabwean Woman’s train suicide puzzles family

October 25, 2017
| Report Focus News

THE family of a woman from Bulawayo’s Magwegwe North suburb who allegedly committed suicide by sitting on the railway line together with her two- year old son as the train approached resulting in them being crushed to death, said they remain puzzled as to why she did it.

Leah Phiri (19), a single mother who was living with her mother, allegedly sat on the railway line with her son as the train approached Luveve Railway Station on Sunday evening and they were crushed to death.

Phiri’s aunt, only identified as Mrs Mbanga said the family was puzzled by circumstances leading to the death of Phiri and her son.

“We are still clueless as to why she killed herself. It is more shocking when you consider that she caused the death of an innocent child. We don’t have answers yet and wish someone could give them to us,” said Mrs Mbanga.

She said Phiri was no longer employed and had separated with the father of her child.

“She did not appear stressed and never shared her problems with us if she had any,” she said.

Sources close to Phiri who preferred anonymity, said they suspected the suicide was connected to her relationship with her baby’s father.

“Leah was having problems with the father of her child and this might have pushed her to commit suicide,” said the source. The Chronicle