Woman left with sickness after spiritual husband cleansing session backfires

October 19, 2017
| Report Focus News

A 46-year-old South African woman caused a stir at a bishop’s house in St Mary’s Chitungwiza accusing the clergyman of using oil that affected her bre_ast.

Poppi Mzingeli of Soweto in Johannesburg consulted Bishop Morgan Chawadza over spiritual husbands saying she has been experiencing dreams where she would be indulging in se_x with various men.

“My bre_asts reacted to the oil I received from Bishop Chawadza. He claimed that it had powers to deal with spiritual husbands that I experience in my sleep where several men indulging in se_x with me,” said Mzingeli.

“I confronted him over this but he is ill-treating me and threatening to get me arrested by his police officers refusing to refund my money.

“I never stopped experiencing dreams where I indulging in se_x with men in my sleep and on top of that bishop Chawadza caused more suffering on my body with his oil he claimed is fish oil.

“My bre_asts are now itching that I do not stop scratching following use of these oils I was asked to inhale while covering my body with a blanket.

“I confronted bishop Chawadza and his wife over this and they are refusing to take me for treatment, they are fake prophets who are after milking people’s money.

“I want my money back and he must take me to the doctor for treatment. He is threatening to get me arrested and is sure that I have few days here before returning to South Africa,” said Mzingeli.

Bishop Chawadza denied the allegations saying the prayers he conducted with Mzengeli were not meant to harm her or after her money.

“That South African lady wants money to travel back to South Africa and what she told you are lies because she is broke now,” said Bishop Chawadza.

“Prayers I conducted with her never affected her body as alleged unless it is another problem she wants me to help her with.

“I will not give her money back since she was paying for the services rendered,” said Bishop Chawadza denying allegations.