ISIS followers post sick message “celebrating” the horrific Grenfell Tower inferno

June 27, 2017
| Report Focus News

ISIS followers have posted a sick online message “celebrating” the horrific Grenfell Tower inferno which has killed 79 people.

Militants published pictures of the carnage in London following the deadly blaze labelling it as “beautiful” – amid chilling calls for lone-wolf fanatics to target the UK.

At least 79 people were killed in the fire on June 14, but the death toll is expected to rise.

Alongside pictures of the tower block, they wrote: “How beautiful the fire that consumes the buildings of the criminal Britons and christians.”

The sick message was uncovered by Washington-based group Middle East Media Research Institute which monitors terrorism threats.

| Report Focus NewsThis comes after the two ISIS-inspired attacks in Manchester and London over the last six weeks.

ISIS also look set to lose the Battle for Mosul in the next few days, Iraqi forces have claimed as British RAF pilots scored devastating air-strikes against the network.

Iraq’s head of counter terrorism claimed: “From a military perspective Islamic State is finished. We are calling for them to surrender or die.”

Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Assadi, commander of the Counter Terrorism Service in Mosul, added: “It lost its fighting spirit and its balance.”

It has emerged Islamic State now only controls a square mile in Mosul, once the group’s capital in Iraq, and could be defeated there in days.