June 7, 2017
| Report Focus News

Honestly Zimbabwe was supposed to have grabbed that tourism seat but because of serious issues we have with the outside world we could not make it. Let’s not be partisan for nothing Mzembi loss is a loss for the whole nation. People try to bring partisan politics were it is not even necessary because we are all Zimbabweans and we are all concerned with what is going on in the country therefore we must stick to principality and either generosity. Mzembi tried his best to campaign for that hot seat, given the context that there are some countries which even went out of their way to support Mzembi but everything fall apart mainly because of several factors. We have a mountain to climb as a nation interms of restoring our identity as a nation. Imagine how much resources were poured in for this project? Obvious it was millions of dollars only to discover that Mzembi was rejected at the last minute. Our nation is walloping in poverty and we have a serious cash crisis in this country and no one is willing to part with any cent till we right thing. We may do everything possible to make some cover up but the truth is Zimbabwe is in serious problems when it comes to international engagements. Right now we hear that Chiyangwa is bidding for 2021 Africa cup of nations, honestly do you think we will be successful? I doubt very much why because we have a serious dent on our name and we have a mountain to climb. We lost several opportunities which came along our way because of our battered image.


Succession battles in Zanu Pf have become an obstacle to development. We have failed to secure meaningful investments and in the absence of foreign direct investment in our country do you see us moving an inch? As we speak our major city Harare is flooded with vendors and most have resorted to criminal activities. It’s high time this current regime should be sensitive to such issues and quickly resolve this impasse. Honestly which country can lend money to a Government which has a leader who will be standing for re- election at 93? Foreign investors take these matters seriously that is why Mzembi had to fall by the way side. Zanu Pf must reconsider the plight of the people very seriously.


Our image is seriously battered. Zimbabwe is known for not returning what they borrowed. We owe IMF, WORLD BANK, AFRIMEX, and other international institutions. How do we expect to get help? As we speak command agriculture is not a transparent project given the context that an individual cannot get such kinds of money to bankroll the Government with millions of dollars. When are we going to pay back what we owe to these foreign institutions? There is not even a plan to repay and these are the same people who voted last month and it is obvious they communicated with these super powers.


We have a mountain to climb in terms of our record on human rights issues. We have Itai Dzamara disappearing without trace for nearly two years and no account has been given about him. We have hundresds of people who were displaced since 2000 and no compsenation was given to these people. We have a partisan police, we have courts that are not independent. My question is then who is willing to side with Zimbabwe when we have serious issues like these?

One of the major issues that contributed to his loss was the issue of accountability. Obvious the super powers are going to pour in their resources for the tourism project and they want someone who is straight forward, someone who can account for resources and at the same time someone who has a clean background. Mzembi is not a bad guy, I think he could be one of the contenders in Zanu Pf who can succeed Mugabe because probably because of his age and his is too smart on corruption. His name has not festured much on corruption and human rights issues. The major problem is the party which he hails from could be a contributing factor.


We need to be very careful how we relate with other countries. Today we grab their companies, we threaten them with unspecified actions, we grab their properties, and tomorrow you want these people to vote for you, never. We need to be very serious when we deal with international matters. Zimbabwe is a country with resources, we have everything but we lack friendship with other countries. If Zambia is not careful they are seriously sliding into the same situation with Zimbabwe. Our image is not good we have a serious challenge to restore our battered image. If you look at countries like South Africa they don’t attack world giants, because they know where their bread is buttered. Today we attack Britain, America and Europe tomorrow we want their votes.


Zimbabweans are known to be hard working and this is excellent but on the other hand we are known to be assailants and criminals. I’ve been to several countries and first thing is they ask you your nationality, the moment you say I’m a Zimbabweans just know things are already bad for you or you have to wait for a negative answer even if you are innocent. So we need to get on this one quickly, it’s never too late to deal with our image.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the Head of MINDS which is responsible for policy analysis and research. He can be contacted at