Boris Johnson calls Corbyn a ‘triple-headed monster’ as he defended Theresa May

June 1, 2017
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Boris Johnson called Jeremy Corbyn a “triple-headed monster” as he defended Theresa May’s decision to avoid last night’s TV election debate.

Mrs May came under fire for not attending the debate following Mr Corbyn’s surprise decision to take part.

| Report Focus News

Home Secretary Amber Rudd was sent out to represent the Tory party instead, despite her the death of her father just two days earlier.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the foreign secretary said the prime minister was right to avoid the “nonsense” debate.

“I watched quite a lot of the debate last night and I thought it absolutely validated and confirmed the wisdom of Theresa May’s decision in not going.

“It was seven people speaking to, I think probably the most left wing audience the BBC has ever brought together.

“When you put them together you had this incredible echo chamber for all sorts of left wing nonsense and, in spite of that, managed to be completely at odds with each other.

“What it demonstrated, for my money, is the real risk of going ahead with Jeremy Corbyn like a sort of triple-headed monster from Greek mythology.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron slammed the Prime Minister for “running away” from the debate on Wednesday evening.

He said: “Her absence is undoubtedly the shadow that hangs over this election.

“How dare you call a General Election and then run away from the debate.”

This was echoed by Green Party leader Caroline Lucas who said the first rule of leadership is “to show up”.

Plaid Cmyru leader Leanne Wood added: “It’s appalling leadership on behalf of the prime minister who can’t even be bothered to come here and answer these questions for herself.”