Uebert Angel Surprises Thousands in Zimbabwe

April 4, 2017
| Report Focus News

Uebert Angel Surprised Thousands of conference delegates at the GoodNews Zimbabwe 2017 conference.
In what has been declared ‘The Year of Angelic Visitation.’ Zimbabwe was pleasantly surprised by a prophetic visitation. What more could one ask for? Prophet Uebert Angel, Prophetess BeBe Angel, prophet Shepherd Bushiri and prophetess Mary Bushiri all under one roof at the City Sports Centre in Harare.

It was a miracle filled night, GoodNews Zimbabwe Conference 2017 is indeed a top contender for event of the year.

| Report Focus News

After a long absence from the scene prophet Uebert Angel surprised thousands of his church members with an appearance at the GoodNews Zimbabwe conference which had been advertised as headlining prophetess BeBe Angel and Major 1 Shepherd Bushiri.

Taking to the stage prophet Uebert Angel spoke of his love for his church members, he said that it was because of them that he had chosen to come to minister at this year’s GoodNews Zimbabwe Conference.

Uebert Angel, demonstrated why it is that he is called a major prophet. He made it look so easy to prophesy.

Calling on a man in the crowd Uebert Angel pronounced where this man had come from calling him by name Uebert Angel, also correctly called the name of the man’s wife.

Prophet Angel went deeper, revealing the man’s addiction to marijuana. As if that was not enough he specified the man’s favourite brand of cigarettes and went on to prophesy that the man had even got two loose cigarettes of Madison in his pocket.


While, the crowd was still trying to get to terms with that sharp revelation, prophet Angel, was seeing more and revealing even more. Calling upon a woman in the crowd, he said I see a woman with nursing certificates, these certificates have been eaten by something. He stunned the crowd when he asked what seemed a lay question to the woman. “Do you like porridge?” he asked.

The shocked woman responded “yes I do.” Prophet Angel then went on to reveal the contents in this woman’s bag, “in your bag you have instant porridge, a toothbrush ( which he specified by colour) and a tube of Aquafresh toothpaste which is about to run out. As the woman emptied her bag to reveal the contents there were wild cheers of celebration as the people praised God for using his oracle Uebert Angel in such fashion.

Many will query why a prophet would prophesy names, and locations that someone has travelled from; reveal contents in a bag or talk of things that seem inanimate. But, there is very strong reason for this. These very things become faith boosters. As those to whom these things are revealed, see that what they thought undisclosed is not at all secret to the all seeing God. for indeed, God, reveals all secrets to His prophets as taught in Amos 3:7.

The night was a night of deliverance for millions that watched across the world by way of Miracle TV or Good News TV. It was a powerful night of miracles and healing for the thousands that attended the event in Harare.| Report Focus News

On behalf of Zimbabwe forgive us

In an astonishing move prophet Bushiri approached the stage and took the microphone from prophet Uebert Angel, Prophet Bushiri explained that he had felt a heavy anointing and moved by that powerful anointing he was led to lead the people of Zimbabwe in asking the prophet of God, Uebert Angel, for forgiveness.


Bushiri, went on to castigate all those who speak ill of the servants of God and he warned the media in particular and urged them to refrain from creating fictitious stories about the prophets of God.

Many people believe that Zimbabwe is bedevilled by the myriad of problems that it faces today primarily due to the nations attitude towards the prophets. Many are of the opinion that chief among the prophets that Zimbabwe mocked was Uebert Angel and as such great misfortune befall Zimbabwe as a direct result of that.

It has been whispered in the Christian and prophetic circles that part of the remedy to solving Zimbabwe’s woes was in seeking the forgiveness of the major prophet of God, Uebert Angel in particular.

Event of the year

The two-night conference started on a very high note and all expectations seem to have been met.

A business breakfast meeting will be held on the morning of April 1st led by prophet Bushiri. It will be followed by another evening event, which promises to be full of spark and all the prophetic blessings in the presence of these anointed servants of God.

“We will have a business breakfast and it will be followed by an evening event, a healing and deliverance service” Prophet Bushiri announced.