Serious illness cause Nigeria’s leader Buhari 74 ‘reduces his working hours’

March 30, 2017
| Report Focus News
| Report Focus News

Abuja – Nigeria’s “ailing” president Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly reduced his working hours since he returned from medical leave.According to Voice of America, the development was likely to slow down the pace of economic reforms “advanced in his absence”.Quoting diplomats and government sources, the report said that the west African country leader President Buhari was spending spending between one and four hours a day in his office due to his current health situation.

“Things are slowing down, particularly on the economic front, which is a concern,” a Western diplomat was quoted as saying.Nigerian President Buhari 74, returned to work a few weeks ago after nearly two months’ medical leave in Britain.“Everyone in the country is trying to read Buhari’s body language now he is back,” said an adviser to the government.  The adviser did not want to be named.

The nature of his illness has not been revealed, and reports indicate that he was due to return to Britain for further treatment in April.

During his absence, his office had repeatedly denied claims the leader was ill and insisted he was “hale and hearty”.

But when he returned home, a gaunt-looking Buhari said he “couldn’t recall being so sick since I was a young man” and described receiving “blood transfusions”.

Reports indicated that Buhari was due to return to Britain for further treatment in April.

Even so, wide range of  political observers and economists at the time questioned whether he was acting with Buhari’s consent and had the authority to enact long-term reforms.

The nature of his illness has not been revealed.