Julius Malema Urges (SADC) leaders to gather courage And Tell Mugabe To Go

March 9, 2017
malema e1488979292268 660x275 | Report Focus News
malema e1488979292268 660x275

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema has urged the Southern African Development Community (SADC) leaders to gather courage and tell President Robert Mugabe to say his ‘Goodbye’s and step down.


malema e1488979292268 660x275 | Report Focus News

Malema said the regional bloc, SADC, must draw courage and inspiration from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) that forced former Gambian leader, Yahya Jammeh into exile in January.

Jammeh – who refused to step down despite earlier conceding defeat in a December presidential poll – was forced into exile in January ending 22 years of his rule following threats of military intervention by ECOWAS.

“The African Union (AU) need courageous leadership which will tell their own peers that this is not right, you know like they did, like ECOWAS did. So we need more ECOWAS, we need SADC to say to President Mugabe don’t you think it’s time to say Goodbye,” Malema told the SABC in a wide ranging interview.

Malema attracted angry criticism from Zimbabwe Information minister, Christopher Mushowe in January after he said Mugabe, who turned 93 on February 21, must step down.

He also described Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF officials as cowards for failing to advise the President to hand-over power.

“We have a problem with him (Mugabe) wanting to stay until death. We believe there are so many young people who were inspired by him in his own country. If he can inspire us here in South Africa, there must surely a lot of them who were inspired by him in Zimbabwe who can take over form him and continue the legacy,” Malema added in the SABC interview.